Gardening and Agriculture Course - Dr Peter Swan

16 Lesson Course on Consciousness-Based Agriculture

'Everyone should know that Rik Veda and the Vedic Literature  
structure the human physiology, the physiology of every grain of creation, 

 and the physiology of the universe as a whole'. – Maharishi

Learn to see Veda in the environment, in your garden, and in your soil! This course extends the knowledge of the Self (consciousness) to every aspect of the environment, showing how the principles of Vedic science — such as Do less and accomplish more — apply to the latest practices of organic gardening and farming. Maharishi's revival of Vedic organic farming is for the most vital food — food for enlightenment. The course covers all areas of practice and theory, highlighting the development of sustainable methods that yield highest quality products.

Coming this March special international guest Dr Peter Swan will be here in New Zealand to teach a very special course on Consciousness-Based Agriculture. If you are interested in any one of the following you will find this course fascinating and a paradigm changer: food, gardening, plants, nature, farming.
As we hear so much nowadays, organic fruit and vegetables without poisonous pesticides are essential for maintaining good health and longevity. Whether you are an experienced gardener, a lover of organic food, or would simply like a better understanding of Consciousness-Based principles of growing food, this course is a must for information and inspiration. 

The course will be taught over two weekends this March, at the Reynold's organic farm in Waitoki, with beautiful orchards and rows of tasty organic vegetables. For those coming from out of town, some accommodation could be available on request.  

 "I learned more in the first hour than in 5 years at agriculture college" – S.V.
 "This was the most enjoyable and inspiring knowledge course ever! The course is a perfect mixture of Maharishi's deepest principles of life and living, and practical information for the environmentally alert" – C.P.

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About Dr Peter Swan
Dr. Peter Swan had the unique experience of working under Maharishi in the field of agriculture for 10 years. The many projects he worked on required him to develop a comprehensive understanding of how farming actually works, how plants get their food, what chemical-industrial ‘pharming' has done to soils and plants, and how organic conditions can be restored—by doing less and accomplishing more.
He endorses that gardens and farms share the same systems of nutrient cycling as the broader environment and if we understand these systems, we can tap into nature's simple methods, and gardening and farming can become easy and sustainable. The current scientific developments towards sustainable gardening and farming are an essential aspect of Maharishi Vedic Organic Agriculture.
Dr Swan has taught his agriculture and gardening courses in over 11 countries. His aim is to bring out the fundamentals of scientific organic farming and help the swing towards truly sustainable Vedic communities worldwide—life in accord with natural law. As host of the news program Maharishi's Global Family Chat, he enjoys bringing out the latest trends and achievements on a daily basis.
Course Requirements:
Anyone instructed in the Transcendental Meditation Technique is welcome to attend this course. No background in gardening, farming or agriculture is necessary.
Dates (course held over two weekends):
6 to 8 March 2015
Friday Evening 7:45pm to 9:15pm,
Saturday - Full Day: Morning & Afternoon Sessions (Lunch provided)
Sunday - Full Day: Morning & Afternoon Sessions (Lunch provided)
13 to 15 March 2015
Friday Evening 7:45pm to 9:15pm,
Saturday - Full Day: Morning & Afternoon Sessions (Lunch provided)
Sunday - Full Day: Morning & Afternoon Sessions (Lunch provided)
Reynold's organic farm in Waitoki (30min north of downtown Auckland City)
47 Quarry Rd 
Waitoki 0871
Course Fee: 
Course Fee $565 (inc GST)
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Gardening and
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